Monday, February 25, 2008

I Give Up

Yeah the whole Yugoslavia fiasco is over, too lazy to finish onto a more "cooler" topic.

Have you ever gone bicycling? It's just so FUN!!!!!! So, yeah, try it sometime, on a sexy road bike on the streets of San Fran...AWESOME.

I found out that Raul *Castro* (thanks for the correction home skillet)  is a strong communist leader...(socialist if I must be accurate)...but the thing about Raul that is different from his brother Fidel is that Raul will try and mend Cuba's economy by improving relations with the U.S. Whoohoo. But Raul is old too...only five years younger than his bro - how long will he last? Oh -
and Raul has strong support from the military - because really that is where he get's his supporters! Lalalala, great loyalty from military is awesome.

Ciao 4 now -



mayb3iminsane said...

Chavez, eh? Don't you mean Castro?
I hear Bush is trying to convert Cuba into a democracy. =.=

Littleleafer said...

aha, you're right. My bad, I need more sleep. Yes yes, Raul Castro succeeded Fidel Castro. Gah, I got confused because Venezuela was on my mind (Hugo Chavez). They're all similar sounding to an ignorant asian.