Thursday, March 20, 2008


Resolution: Do homework after school- and I mean right after school...
Reason: I'm not getting enough sleep lately.


Monday, March 17, 2008


Resolution: Be more careful with valuables.
Reason: Sexy green ipod nano was lost today. R.I.P.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Computer script

Resolution: To learn C and C++ script
Reason: To become a computer geek


Saturday, March 15, 2008


I need to get a jacket. It was freezing cold today. My fingers numbed, and my nose turned pink. Let me tell you, I looked like a brown bear.

What was weird today was that earlier I was debating with my mother, whether pro-choice was actually a choice (long story). Anyways, there were these people outside the Metreon advertising for the new movie of Dr. Seuss's, and I got this orange glossy paper. I didn't read it until later but actually it was thanking Dr. Seuss for promoting the "pro-life" argument. Is this just coincidence, or fate?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Money makes the world go "whoooooooo" (round)

I need to get a job. No seriously. I'm broke as Hades. So broke that I can't even afford a new light bulb. How will I pay for college? This sucks. My clothes are getting too short. My shoes are getting holy (pun intended), and all my snacks consists primarily of junk-food (for that's all I can afford).

How will I get a job? I am looking into summer internships that have a good stipend.


Monday, March 10, 2008


Resolution: Exercise more

Reason: My cardio sucks.


Ron Paul haha

Hate him, his face is like a clown. What a way to generalize, man I surprise myself with my superficiality (is that even a word?).

He's racist.

He's a poseur.

He is the kind of man that people vote for when they're desperate.

Stupid Republican.

Man, I have some problems in judging character. Look at mine!


The Darkness of Caves

Darkness of Caves

caves are dark he said
is there a shark?

indeed he replied
what is inside that cave?

slimy water
dark slimy water he added

who said?
i have been in the cave

is it scary?

i never came back
then who are you?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Another post within half an hour!

I just wanted to say something that hit my mind just now that I would like to share.

*Breathes in a deep breath* .

I think my parents are losing faith in my ability to get into college. Recently my father has been talking to me about how I really need to raise my GPA or I'll end up going to City college which I quote "isn't so bad, but if you want your goals to stay the same...". How sad. After you get older, I suppose the clarity bell of reality starts to ring incessantly. I need to grow up and seriously consider an occupation that I will be able to sustain as well as rake in a substantial amount of money. I have recently become interest in health, but if I seriously want to consider the medical field, I really need to "up" *cough* improve my grades. 

I have also been considering joining the United States Navy, but that's only if we get a president who is willing to end the war (i.e. either Clinton or Obama, it doesn't matter) soon. I don't really want to be fighting against people in a "war". Basically the whole motive is for me to earn experience in navigation and so called "military experience", which will help if I actually try and get into the Senate later on. Who knows what the future holds. Que sara sara...Whatever will be...

Ciao buddies-


A story of Man Friendship

I wrote this haha.

Unsatisfying Vengeance

Beep...beep...beep... Pulsating fury. My temples start to heat up, pressure builds upon my eyes, nostrils flaring violet. My face was as crimson as the blood that lay within my veins. Heart beating insanely, I stared at the side of their face, truly concentrating. Truly envisioning. All my hate and bitterness directed at a small dot I created to the left of their eye. I imagined a fire slowly, but steadily burning on their face, like enduring process of burning ants with a magnifying glass. Beep...beep... My brain had begun to slowly pulse with my previous emotions, my excruciating pain. Slowly it became more realistic than before, and I truly believed- no I saw it, his temple bulged, and it was on fire! What I didn't understand was why he wasn't howling in agony, why the pain wasn't reaching his nerves, why his brain was neither roasting nor responding ...

A long time ago there were two boys, best friends. They did everything together, when one day one of them stopped speaking to the other. The one being ignored, ignored the other out of spite. So they both ignored each other. Being best friends, they made up, but the second boy never knew what triggered the dispute. It was not until five years later that he was confronted with that event as an example of his friends chronic dilemma.


Why didn't the pain reach him? I could clearly see the fire scalding the flesh around his skull. It looked like a scene from a horror movie. The smell of singed flesh was even there. Everyone was distant, he was right in front of me- ignoring me! How could this have happened. By now his face was indistinguishable, a mere distorted lump of coal, like his lungs. There was no satisfaction, I did not receive the desired feeling of triumph. I could not see his pain, it was as if he was accepting death. No! That cannot happen! All I wanted was to hear his scream, his scream of agony, even the slightest twitch of discontent on his pale features would have curbed my desire. In no way was I content with this sort of vengeance, there is no satisfaction from charring a corpse.