Sunday, March 9, 2008

Another post within half an hour!

I just wanted to say something that hit my mind just now that I would like to share.

*Breathes in a deep breath* .

I think my parents are losing faith in my ability to get into college. Recently my father has been talking to me about how I really need to raise my GPA or I'll end up going to City college which I quote "isn't so bad, but if you want your goals to stay the same...". How sad. After you get older, I suppose the clarity bell of reality starts to ring incessantly. I need to grow up and seriously consider an occupation that I will be able to sustain as well as rake in a substantial amount of money. I have recently become interest in health, but if I seriously want to consider the medical field, I really need to "up" *cough* improve my grades. 

I have also been considering joining the United States Navy, but that's only if we get a president who is willing to end the war (i.e. either Clinton or Obama, it doesn't matter) soon. I don't really want to be fighting against people in a "war". Basically the whole motive is for me to earn experience in navigation and so called "military experience", which will help if I actually try and get into the Senate later on. Who knows what the future holds. Que sara sara...Whatever will be...

Ciao buddies-



mayb3iminsane said...

I heard something about Clinton supporting the war, despite her being a Democrat... Idk.
Kucinich was the real "Peace Candidate" who was gonna immediately withdraw the troops from Iraq... But then he dropped out of the race about a month ago out of bitter hopelessness.

At least be thankful that you have American-born parents;; of different ethnicities! Yes they're both Asian, who cares? My mom considers me "no longer smart" just because I haven't earned one 4.00 since I've been in high school!
And sophomore and junior year are the most important... Those are the two years that actually count towards your class rank. =.= I'd hate to be one of those incredibly ambitious folks, with all honors classes, aiming for Valedictorian and the Ivy Leagues... Not my career paths or anywhere close to them. LOL. Still, I question why I work so damn hard...

Oh yeah, to get into a good UC. Damn well-rounded crappola.

Littleleafer said...

Clinton is very uncharismatic, which is a big turnoff. I don't like Obama either, he speaks intelligengly, yet it seems somehow stuck-up? I didn't like Kucinich's immigration plan, because honestly I'm not into the whole "amnesty" thing. I only know a few people (who are actually the most educated people I know) supported him from the beginning. A pity, it was be interesting to see an elf as president.