Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I was just tinking dat I'm da awesomist human bean dat I ever sawl!

Life's good.


I was just copying Harry, don't throw tomatoes!

Noooooo not the left shoulder! Noooooooooooooooo! *tomato thrown at my left shoulder*.

Oh you bitch, I'm going to get you! *chases after tomato thrower like a rabid dog*.

How was that entertainment for ya?



Adrienne said...

lolol youre sucha weirdo megumi.

im kinda a computer person. i mostly like aesthetic stuff.

i duno i think ill go with her maybe this weekend.
tong kinda scares me though. i just hate how i feel like she purposely says mean things about people like for no reason. its so annoying.

i like demi a lot better. but theyre always together.

ohoh what team?
try with me(: but its in spring so kinda late:/

cause i heard it was an easy AP class and i wanted to learn computer science. yeah i dont think ima computer person i got a cin that class last quarter :/ i like doing aesthetic stuff on the computer though, like graphic and website design.

Adrienne said...

i duno haha im the only sophomore in the class and mr fung was like "oh i didnt look to see what grade she was in" hes a really sucky teacher i put no effort in that class and i know im going to get a 1 on the ap exam -_-

i think computer science is really difficult and boring. i thought itd be fun, but its not. maybe its because i have a loser teacher :)

yeup. yeah thats what gina said, like she doesnt have self-confidence.

sure i will

YAY(: i hope i do. probably not though. i think our soccer team is really good. and im not that good at soccer. i just really like it. hahah