Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jane's Story and My Mistake

Fuck, I broke my vegetarianism! Just for one day. On April 13 I will break it too, because it's my brother and dad's birthday, and we will eat good "Chinee" food.

This is Jane's story for a contest I edited it so here it IS!
Mrs. Goose Pays a Visit to Mrs. Pig

It was on a cold Friday morning when I finally had to let my piglets go. It all started the day before that dreadful Friday morning, when Mrs. Goose was scheduled to stop by for afternoon tea. Now I’ve always thought that geese were dull creatures, but Mrs. Goose was not only foolish and silly, but also nosy. She was always shoving her large beak in everyone else’s business [except her own.] Since she was the biggest gossiper in the woods, it always paid to come by for a chat.

Mrs. Goose came by right after little Freddy, Georgy, and Pig left to go play in the meadows. She settled herself quite comfortably in the kitchen and pecked her way through the plate of scones that I had just laid out, before I even had the chance to pour the tea. She finished the plate and gave her thanks by commenting on how it was ever so dry and bland the scones were and she even offered to give me a recipe of her own. I declined and quickly changed the topic before my temper got the best of me and then I’d finally give that beak what it deserved.

“So,” I asked. “ How is Mrs. Mouse? I haven’t seen her in ages?”

“Oh dear! Haven’t you heard? She’s just had her twenty-fifth grandchild!” exclaimed Mrs. Goose. “Her sons and daughters are sure making a place for themselves in this world!”

“Well where has Mrs. Raccoon been lately? I haven’t seen her for a while.”

"Oh my! Haven’t you seen her teaching her new bunch of rascals to gather?” breathed Mrs. Goose. “By now they must already be gathering their own stash for winter!”

“Oh…you don’t say...” I said fidgeting slightly in my seat.

“Speaking of children,” Mrs. Goose said eyeing me. “Where is little Freddy, Georgy, and Pig? I haven’t had a chance to chat with them in quite a while.”

I returned her gaze calmly.“Well if you must know- my piglets are making a place for themselves in the world, and getting along quite nicely," I bluffed.

“Oh really?" Mrs. Goose inquired. “You must tell me which part of the woods they have built their homes in. I must pay them a visit soon!”

“Somewhere beyond the hills,” I replied vaguely, waving her question away. “Please understand dear Mrs. Goose, they have just built their houses and are very busy right now. Once they have settled nicely, they’ll be sure to invite you over for some tea.”

“Good, good,” Mrs. Goose replied with satisfaction.

After Mrs. Goose left, and I realized that my three little piglets would have to find their own place in the world, in other words, move out.

The very next morning, before Freddy, Georgy and Pig had woken up, I made a feast of slop and buttermilk for breakfast and packed each of them a beautifully wrapped lunch, [and spent the rest of the morning emptying the house for money](Um....whaaat?]. Oh, I knew that once my piglets saw the breakfast feast and the wrapped lunches, they'd suspect something. Well at least my Pig had, for he was the smartest of the bunch.

After they stuffed breakfast down their tummies, I handed each of them a coin pouch and a wrapped lunch.

“Oh dear mother pig,” said the three little pigs in unison. “What is happening?”

“Oh my three little pigs, you must find a place in the world for yourselves. Go build a house somewhere beyond the hills.” I wept. “ But remember to look out for one another, oh and before I forget-”. I found a piece of straw, a stick, and a brick around the house when I was searching for coins. I handed the straw to Freddy, the stick to Georgy, and finally the brick to Pig.

“Oh come back and visit your poor old mother pig once you’ve made a place for yourself in the world!” I called, waving my handkerchief as they disappeared underneath the sunset. After they left, I felt horrible. But I suppose I had to let them go eventually. Feeling quite satisfied, I decided to pay Mrs. Goose a visit.

The End

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