Wednesday, April 9, 2008

dime for thought

I signed up to volunteer for the "March of Dimes", and I'm expecting to receive the application through my email soon. Recently my passion has become volunteering at as many things as possible. I believe that this is just a result of not having a life. I didn't get off the bus again because I was too busy staring at the 'so-so' looking Latino guy- too bad he was gangsta'. Honestly, that wasn't the real reason I missed my stop. I was just dazed and trying not to look too lumpy in my middle school sweatshirt while guarding the seat next to me with my backpack so bad smelling people (who like to sit at the back of the bus) wouldn't sit next to me. r

I just remembered that this one time, someone asked me for directions- and being the directionally challenged piece of poo that I am, accidentally gave them the wrong directions... and they followed them. They got off at the next stop like I told them to, when their stop was five stops away. I think that after that I started to get some stink-eyes, but I didn't see them helping or correcting me so, hah! Their fault to.

In French class we discussed how SF is the open/wild/queer capital of the world, and that nobody would mind if everyone decided to streak through the torch thingy. Also how the Chinese government has fucked up ethics.

Gotta eat ma chow'


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